FreshContent™ Platform

The FreshContent platform generates high-quality and spam-free content using Twitter streams. FreshContent powers the following websites:

Innovative features of the FreshContent™ Platform

  1. - Spam detection in twitter streams: Over 50% of the messages we receive contain spam links. The important trending topics on twitter also attract the attention of spammers. We use a combination of static & dynamic spam detection and elimination techniques to deliver high-quality content.
  2. - FreshContent uses a fully opensource stack. Zero software investment!
  3. - FreshContent is designed to run of low resources. Both the featured websites run off a single, shared-CPU server with only 256MB RAM!
  4. - FreshContent is almost zero maintenance and does not need any kind of manual intervention for its operation
  5. - FreshContent gathers links and quotes shared on twitter. Quotes/links that get shared more are ranked higher and appear prominently.

How can businesses leverage the FreshContent™ Platform

If the answer to any of the following questions is a 'yes' then FreshContent is great for you.
Do you need high-quality and relevant content to supplement your exisiting website?
- Check out the content on Cricketfresh covers 'cricket'.
- covers Bollywood and the FIFA World Cup 2010.
Do you need a way of getting quality content automatically?
- FreshContent has crawlers that gather content, group them and assign them a score -- automatically.
We have planned an event and we would like to collect tweets posted by the participants and share this user-generated content on the event website.
- A new topic such an event can be added instantaneously -- no elaborate plans required.
Are you a non-profit, NGO or individual with an interesting idea?
- FreshContent is highly configurable and we are open to collaboration -- Contact Us!