Manorama Cricket Score

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  • SAfridiOfficial

    Shahid Afridi

    “ It's wonderful to join my team mates, tough env for cricket☀️ ”

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  • GujjuBhen

    ? Gujju Bhen ?

    “ RT @AnantGJ: ➖The first set of people to have taken PM Modi's speech seriously is the Indian cricket team. ”

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  • gradecricketer

    The Grade Cricketer

    “ Grandad asked if I'm still playing cricket. Does this bloke not read the papers?! I hit two 40s in thirds last season. Embarrassing for him. ”

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    All Rounder Cricket


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  • akshassan1

    akshassan Watch Stephen Fry explain the Laws of Cricket ”

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  • ChickenBiryanii


    “ Dear BCCI, Trust me it will work well,if u will ban Wife Only. We are capable to make GF's across the globe. ”

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  • KP24

    Kevin Pietersen

    “ 1/2 Some cricket issues need chatting about - the cricket media taking cheap shots at Indians players about IPL & Bopara being dropped... ”

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  • angelcolom

    Àngel Colom

    “ Us hi heu fixat? Els campions d 'Copa Cat d #Criquet 2014' llueixen #estelada a equipació

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  • LogicalBakwaas


    “ *KBC* AB:Who won the FIFA wc 2014? A.Spain B.Italy C.Brazil D.Germany Ravi shastri:Cricket! AB: ? RS: In the end,cricket is the real winner ”

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  • murtazasolangi

    Murtaza Solangi

    “ Balla Khan! Agreed we don't know cricket as U do. Please admit U don't know what politics is. ”

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  • thapagk

    Gagan Thapa

    “ Cheers to Nepali cricket team! Yet again they have given us a reason to smile amidst the tears caused by series of natural disasters. ”

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  • Imshah16

    Shah Cool

    “ A cricket ground is a flat piece of earth with some buildings around it.#ICC #True

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