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Cricket Farming Automation System 4 Shares

We have had great success with the early proof of concept for farming crickets for food. Since we started in January we have been approached many times about helping to start new cricket farms. Our answer? LETS DO THIS!!! What we propose is a national cricket farming co-op using our automation technologies. Our system allows for small scale farmers, hobby farmers, and full commercial entities alike to farm crickets easily with a guaranteed revenue source... US! Instead of one facility of 250,000 sf we propose many small farms. So why crickets? Environment, nutrition, and flavor | Entomophagy: Edible Insects and the Future of Food

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Ashes: Nathan Lyon hopes Australia will 'end careers' of England players - BBC Sport

Off-spinner Nathan Lyon hopes Australia can "end the careers" of some England players during the forthcoming Ashes series.

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